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Effectively Access Data

One of the most challenging aspect of working with data is the constant searching and formatting of data from different sources. Rich Data Services provides a comprehensive and consistent way of accessing data, giving you more time for research.

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How Rich Data Services Makes Your Life Easier

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Drastically Reduce Data Wrangling

Most data scientists spend 60-80% of their time massaging their data. Data managed in Rich Data Services will come with the necessary information along with the categories used in the data set so no extra effort is needed to transcribe this information.

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Integrate Contextual Data

Rich Data Services provides metadata alongside the data, providing context and clarity necessary to understand the data, and use it effectively and responsibly.

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Present Data Visually

Rich Data Services can return data formatted for immediate use with some of the most popular analytical packages or charting frameworks, allowing for quicker integration into outputs.

Resources for Researchers

Rich Data Services Explorer Example


This web based application allows you to browse the data and documentation to interactively create relevant subsets suited for your analysis.

  • Examine data records, or consult the data dictionary, variable documentation, and descriptive statistics

  • Create filter conditions and select variables of interest

  • Package and download data in open formats, with scripts for immediate integration in analytical packages or databases

Tabulation Engine

This web based application allows you to rapidly generate aggregated data tables for reporting or visualization purposes

  • Select dimensions and measures interested defining you table rows, columns, cells, and totals

  • Add filters, weights, and customize display options

  • Display results and integrate in your research, or download in open text formats.

  • Run linear regression using numeric or categorical variables.

Rich Data Services Tabulation Engine Example

Built for...

Data Publishers

Rich Data Services makes it easy to connect to, document, and publish data in a way that it is discoverable and ready for delivery to researchers and developers.

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The Rich Data Services Explorer and Tabulation engine make it easy to explore and subset record level data, run tabulations and linear regression, download data and documentation for offline use.

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Rich Data Services was designed with developers and data scientists in mind, and is accompanied by API documentation, open source libraries, and examples to get you started.

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